Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Geriatric Tough

My day is complete.

The New Kids on the Block are back baby!! WHOO WHOO!!!

Feel free to enjoy the rest of your day but only if you thought Joey was the cutest.

Navel gazing will continue in the future because that's what I use this space of internet for. That and to bitch about being hooked to the mistress of Omaha and her bitchy yet sultry cousin Variance. But its the chase, not the act that is the fun part.

Bodog and Blogger Skillz tourneys tonight for those who wish to start a flame war on your fellow low rolling internet scribes. No word on if I'll go for two in a row as the little ones have tried to pawn off as many germs as possible to their dad and I'm left sucking down a Nyquil/Vitamin Water cocktail to remain in the upright position today.

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