Monday, January 21, 2008

No Titletown, No Cry

Farve throws a wounded duck and the stadium’s blood alcohol level zooms pass drunk into blackout stage. Half the stadium wearing deer/duck hunting gear immediately yelled for their dog to fetch after the football left Farve’s hand then went to back to mainlining Milwaukee’s Best Light and whatever two dollar whiskey they found in the supermarket bargain bin.

Someone in Wisconsin is holding onto a warehouse full of unsold cheeseheads right now after speculating a win and may commit suicide after taking out a second and third mortgage to pay for them. Any guesses on how many Packer fans called in sick today (yes, I know it’s a national holiday)? Its more then you think.

Poker still sucks, but while lying around this weekend I managed to play enough to get SilverStar status at PokerStars in three days. Considering the stakes I play at, that’s too many wrap draws. Blogger Skill series HORSE tourney at Full Tilt… I came, I fought, I got rivered at the final table, Razz can suck my swollen sore balls. Kudos for the superstacks, loved the amount of play, I’ll be there for the next one.

Someone please turn off the 1 or 2 from the tournament money button on my PC? I promise to stop kicking the cat and forcing the kids to watch the radar weather channel for 12 hours straight. I might even feel remorse for Packer fans this morning if it means cashing/winning instead of watching some virtual card that matches my opponent’s hand instead of mine and kissing three hours of my life away because T4o felt he was getting pot odds to call.

At least I can buy a bunch of stress balls and t-shirts at Stars now.

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