Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cooking Up Tilt

I think limited myself to two lost buy-ins last night as a last minute decision to play the Mookie turned into a multi-tabling fuck fest that is the reason why I play this four card bingo.

I lost big, but limited myself on much I gave away to the plethora of gentlemen who have to use a calcuator to figure out how to breathe through their noses. I still love this game, I hate the streaks you go through however. Anyone who enjoys sniffing rubber cement before quaffing down a bottle of Everclear and a basket of three-mile island wings would enjoy watching the chips fly around the table like Peter Pan sprinkled some of Tinkerbell's fairy dust on them.

Love the action, hate the variance.

Tomorrow the cabinets and new appliances are being dropped off for me to stare at while others put them in. I'm still not allowed to touch the tools, so Daddy Drizz needs to come up with an afternoon of misdirection for the kids. I thought we'd hit up Canterbury's back room for some Pai Gow action followed by a game of quarters at the bar.

Anyone else need babysitting?

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