Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snip, Cut, and Swat

Al comes through in pornorific fashion...

... after I get my snip so I can't truly appreciate the fine semi-naked body of Zack Morris' girlfriend. Thank you sir, and bless your Google abilities to find the boobies.

Chatted with the doc for twenty minutes about poker while he poked and his semi-attractive female assistant flicked my dick like a kitten with a catnip swat toy, maybe she was preventing it from hitting the floor. I choose to stay in the prone position laying down without looking because two people playing around with the jewels at the same time was a first, too bad the novacaine and the fact one was a male with sharp neddles and a beard put a damper on the experience.

Yesterday was the longest I played online poker since my bonus whoring days and managed to make a nice score on the NLO8 and PLO8 tables at Stars and Full Tilt.

Now its time for breakfast in bed :) Have a good weekend folks!

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