Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'd Like a Side Order of Valium To Go

I call in for my prescription for the Valium for Friday while at work:



"Date of Birth"

"Given to her, I'm calling to get the prescription filled that the doctor wanted"

"And what are you coming in for?"

"I'm having a procedure done on Friday, a vasc...."

"A WHAT?! I don't understand sir"

*me blankly staring at my cube wall wanting to beat the nurse with the phone because I have five lady co-workers within hearing distance and they love to tease the only guy in the department

"I was told to call in on Wednesday or Thursday prior to the procedure to get this, please look my record for details to get a prescription of Valium filled"

"What procedure are you getting done?"

*mentally up-ing from phone beating to my softball bat and possibly a rabid pit bull

"I'm at work right now, could you please review my record"

"Why are you calling?"

"I don't normally go to this office, could you please review my visit from last Thursday, again my name is Dave (and repeated DOB)"

"Oh oh oh, I'm sorry, I had (different DOB), I'll forward this on to Target Pharmacy today"

"Thank you"

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