Friday, February 22, 2008

Could You Speak A Little Louder Please?

Thank you kindly to all to all the responses as the "WTF" stage has past by and I'm back to sipping Cap'n Cokes on a Friday afternoon while the kids are hibernating under the hum of the laundry machine and Scooby-Doo videos.

Sanity is an hour to hour thing for me. It comes in bits and pieces, a kiss from the wife, a pat on the back at work, or a few quiet moments with my thoughts. After a lifetime of being judged by my apperance or lack of comprehending sentences being voiced in my direction, it's refreshing to come here and dole out my feelings and words I couldn't utter in public because my tongue ties up like traffic on an LA expressway. Often I'm left with bottled up emotions reflecting on trivals things that have happened in the past, versus taking the now and just enjoying some fresh oxygen that isn't flavored with despire and self-pity.

For putting up with my barbaric use of the English language. I tip my glass to you.

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