Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drunk Trailer Trash > Drunk Poker

Had I not gone to the WSOP last year and seen up front the madness of the tourney, I would give serious thought to playing. I am however giving serious consideration to going out there for the PLO8 cash games on my own dime and give some hard working media-types a smile or two.

But, the trailer will give new memories for years to come whereas a dank chair and some clay chips next to strung out over-hyped ego-centric poker players would probably turn me off this game for good. I play to have fun and drink a little, not to acquire a sponsorship from a poker site (but if the makers of Captain Morgan wanted to send me... YARRRRRRRRRR!!)

Maybe its the reason I would never want to win a big tourney because I would have reached the unreachable and have nothing to play for anymore (who likes winning five figures in the 50-50 anyway?!?! Grats to Hoy). Currently, I play because friends are lurking in the girly chat boxes and because I enjoy taking $200-$300 nightly swings when my bankroll is only a shade healthier then Mitt Romney's presidental campaign. I may need to bring back mid-week drinking again.

Here are the two trailers we're looking at:

Love train #1

Love train #2

YES! NO! NO! YESSSSSSSSSSSSs! I think if my wife was awake while I was playing last night she probably thought I was betting on a college basketball game while enjoying fake first-time lesbian porn versus the yo-yo Omaha games on my laptop that nearly doubled my Full Tilt bankroll then threatened to leave me with scraps.

Omaha tip #1123: If someone types "You can't expect me to fold Kings pre-flop with a flush draw can you?", note this person and enjoy his/her money when the 30% doesn't hit.

Tonight the folks at are putting on a blogger challenge with a few people known to this part of the interwebs. Please drop by and taunt DP when he decides three pair is a really really good hand. I believe the start time is 5 CST which means I gotta avoid any traffic on the way home using my snow plow to jack that retro purple colored VW Bug over a bridge to make the first hand. If I miss the round of Hold Em', I probably would do better anyway :)

On Wednesday, a unique tournament will take place at Full Tilt Poker. Myself, and a few of Internet’s best poker authors, are going to play a two table sit’n’go and determine who the best poker blogger is … best at playing poker that is. Not writing.

The tournament is sponsored by and has the slightly narcissistic name LeCheese Challenge. We’ll play a mixture of Texas Hold’em and Omaha, both in pot-limit format, with stacks a bit deeper than normal. That combination requires a lot of poker skills and it’ll be impossible to go all in all the time. Instead, we have to see flops! Something certain poker players don’t like.

I really look forward to this – $500 to the winner and $100 to the player who knocks me out, if anyone manages to accomplish that.

Participating poker bloggers so far:

John - BadBlood
Drizztdj - Nickle and Dimes
Byron - Biggestron Writes
Scott - Doubleas
Dave - PokerKingBlog
Jason Turner - TripJax
John - SeattleJohnPoker
Jeff - DonkeyPuncher
MrSubliminal - MrSubliminal

Two of the most prominent RakeBrain players will also participate in LeCheese Challenge: JJProdigys Gran and td8507.

Fellow poker bloggers; those are the players we’ve got to take down to stand a chance. I know they play quite a lot of poker – maybe more than all of us combined.

$20 last longer he-who-punches-donkeys?

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