Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tonight's the Night

Nice run by Sexually confused Guitar Hero god on a heater at the FTOPS event #1 last night. Drunk poker > Sober poker

As the Bracelet would say "Keep min-raising those aces" and "Don't bet on the Lakers -4". I didn't take either advice and lost on both accounts last night. Somewhere outside of rehab, Britney is crying because of my aces being cracked. I'll console her with a Care Bear and a deluxe jellied couples pack from the Love Doctor.

Since Speaker's run left me with a couple of hours of sleep I will leave you with this wisdom:

If you're going to eat a powdered donut ball prior to a meeting, bite slowly, and make sure at least half of powdered sugar hits your black slacks. Bonus points if you attempt to wildly wipe it off and end up with a stain that looks like you just got head from a circus clown.

Enjoy your status meetings this morning.

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