Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sunny Side Up

The walk to the shower doesn’t take a Herculean effort in the morning. The wind is cold, icy, but doesn’t sting as much. A pride is taken once again as numbers are crunched and spat out onto a blank spreadsheet. Two pairs of innocent eyes peer over the top of the Internet Explorer window waiting until I come home, as I count down the hours to see them again.

Two years ago, just lifting the sheets off the bed took an effort. Now, I’m scanning colleges looking for ways to get back to the student body and grab that piece of paper. What happen? This space on the internets for one. A place to come, pour a little of myself into pixels and subject readers to badly phrased metaphors. Read about other people’s chest thumping brags and let’s-do-shots-till-we-puke struggles. Find people with like-minded degeneracy and a way with words or pictures of the female form in various stages of undress.

There’s porn on these internets (NSFW and thanks to Wicked Chops for the Brandi gift that just keeps giving, like Keeley Hazel’s breasts)? Yes, yes there is.

Poker hasn’t been the greatest lately with a current downswing, but its fun lose myself into a series of wrap draws and multi-tabling goodness again. Looking for the big poker score, without dreaming of it or becoming disappointed when that two-outer hits against you. Wanting to enjoy life, without hoping there’s more. Glancing at the giant company logo lit up in the pre-dawn morning sky before stepping across a sea of ice, slush, and black snow and thanking them for the paycheck and chance to make a small difference versus dreading the deluxe Roget’s of buzz words you’ll get hit with while learning about “company vision”.

Happy? Sure.

It’s a rocky climb when someone has been down as long as me. The sharp edges with every foothold can tear through those steel-toed boots like butter sitting on a stack of pancakes along side a carefully crafted Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast. Will the rope hold? Are the clips strong enough?

If I knew, life wouldn’t be much fun now would it? Live the day, enjoy the dawn of the future, and stop chasing inside straight draws because it really pisses me off when you get there against my flopped set you donkey.

Tonight check out the newly ramped up Bodog tourney. WSOP package? Sexy, much like the video vixens that peddle the product on the Bodoglife website. Check out Smokkee’s site for the details on the newest blogger challenge (there's a separate register screen for the series so make sure you hit that up first).

Edit: If you're remotely politco and care about who's going to be president for the next four years, I suggest joining the zoo at Otis' corner of the internet as he live blogs the Super Tuesday/Fat Tuesday going ons. No word on nudity for beads though. Vote Ribeye! Its a bone above the rest (ok, that was horrible, I'll do better later)!

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