Friday, February 01, 2008

Falling Using a Washcloth as a Parachute

Right now I feel like Johan Santana's popularity in Minnesota. Beat up and confused on what to think. A raised middle finger to the Mets for the steal.

4 tourneys last night, all close to the cash, all bombed by less then preferable means.

Is anyone going to watch Minnesota grown Brock Lesnar show that fake wrestlers can fight in the UFC? If my dinner date with the wife doesn't include a nightcap, I'll be catching the fight with a friend to see if he can incorporate a flying clotheline of the turnbuckle into the octogon.

The dude is huge, should be fun regardless of the result.

If you want free money feel free to follow my continued plunge into penny games this weekend unless my Sklansky bucks decide its my turn to cash em in.

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