Monday, February 25, 2008

Fuchsia Me Freely

Did you know that donkeys kill more people annually then plane crashes? Remember this next time your Aces get called down by someone with eight-three offsuit and hits two pair on the river.

It felt like spring yesterday here in the frozen north as the outside mall area saw people shaking off ice chunks on their ski jackets to enjoy the 30 degree temps. We took the opportunity to take the kids out for a walk and browse the different kitchen wares (how many knives does a chef really need?!!), mass produced scented soaps and oils of Bath and Body Works, and lose the rest of my hearing going by the Hollister store. Stupid pretty people.

A strange thing happened as we stepped inside Pottery Barn for kids, and maybe it was strange since I spent the earlier part of the afternoon taking money from Scott Fischman at the PLO8 tables and voluntarily raising my blood alcohol levels while watching Tiger Woods remind me that golfing is easy on the couch. The other stores had rather attractive, albeit younger then I, female clientele but when we entered the Pottery Barn for Kids several fat women with bloated stomachs and very loud T-shirts exclaiming “Party at my crib!” and “These feet are made for crawling” threatened to knock over every overpriced French to English color wheel (do kids really need to know what color Periwinkle is???) and organic navy blue towel set within their sizable girth.

They did have nice tits however.

Poker was meh, except for Pauly’s PLO tourney on Saturday which rocked due to the people playing. I thank the good doctor for taking time out from his busy schedule to put together a blogger tourney that’s more for the fun versus card prowlness. Yes, I was the bubble boy but I’ll gladly spend eleven bucks to sling cards with friends of a couple of hours. Even with the pending BBT3 on the horizon, make sure you mark this one down to relax to.

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