Monday, February 04, 2008

I Heart Coolers

Bill Bellichick was found at Waffle's house early this morning crying WHHHHHHHHHHHYYYY!!!

My Bodog account however thanks you, my only regret was not betting the Giants straight up.

Puppy Bowl > Super Bowl Commericials > Super Bowl until the last two minutes. I didn't see the Madonna/Five seconds for $10 million commerical was she worth the one pump and done?

At least my buddy's wife whipped up some mean Swedish meatballs and put out a spread that my stomach appreciated at the Super Bowl party.

Football is dead until next season (Pro Bowl is a poor excuse is an exhibition game that needs to die in favor of a skills competition) leaving the next six months void of Sunday gambling disappointments. I'd rather see them have a Superstars competition versus play flag football in hula skirts for 60 minutes.

Question to those who are still braving the online poker world...

Are you seeing more table coaches?

Usually, among the four tables I'm playing there will be one that pipes up after some off-the-book play occurs, for the past few months its almost every table and I'm fairly close to shutting down the chat box which is usually a gold mine of comedy.

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