Monday, February 11, 2008

I Paid $300 For a Full Tilt Stress Ball

Current temperature in Maple Grove, MN -6 with a wind chill around -21 (definitely not as cold as International Falls, MN clocking in at a ball shrinking -37 degrees)

Temperature in McAllen, TX on Thursday where I'll be half way through a handle of Captain two hours after hitting the ground around 80 degrees.

So sick of winter.

So sick of watching the draw outs, and the mind numbing of multi-tabling after building up a nice win throughout the weekend and watching it crumble because I wanted to ride the heater.

The only thing I want cold this weekend are the beers in the back alleys of Progresso, Mexico. No more trying to wait out the bad player at the table, no more staying to try to get even, no more frozen feet because the temp in the porch is better suited for an ice arena. Just sunburnt skin, hitting golf balls badly, generously poured drinks, and whatever else people do in southern Texas.

Internet poker machine. Off for the week, except for when its on. :)

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