Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Decent Proposal

I started with some lame Lindsay Lohan/Me story sharing a line of blow and me giggling at her naked boobies after she gave me a million bucks to teach her how to play a wrap wheel low draw after being led into on the turn, but poker nerdery has no place when she'd be much more satisfied with the five seconds of bliss between the sheets.

At least I'd be satisfied and Demi Moore would be crying since all she got was Woody and The Natural.

Instead you get the following:

Your hard working dad is holding the oldest child like the son he never got to meet since work unfortunately pulled him away from the simple parenting pleasures of watching a toddler grow-up. With the wide smile on his face that only a proud grandparent can wear, he lays out a proposition that makes you look for Alan Funt behind the mini ficcus tree in the living room.

$10,000 for a down payment and almost pay off a new trailer, for the small plot of land we own up north


Enter the World Series of Poker Main Event

Which would you choose and why? The clock starts now.

And a big BOOOOOOOOOOO to Krispy Kreme leaving the frozen north. This particular store was no more then a mile from my house.

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