Tuesday, December 14, 2004

1 for 6

No I'm not talking about Shaq's free throw line mishaps. Its how many winning tables I had playing at Interpoker last night. Played for 2 hours and the suckouts almost got to me. But I trudged on and managed to work back to a -12BB night. AA, KK (twice), QQ, JJ (twice) all went down. Its been a trying week or so now of being on the wrong end of beats. Its hard to remain aggressive with decent starting cards when you know all 6 of the people are going to call your raise with junk. Sigh. I need to stop whining like an NBA player who didn't get laid 15 times last night. Anyone that could spare a hint or two about the 6-max tables I'm all ears. For some reason at Interpoker its been getting hit with rivered flushes, straights, and unlikely two pairs that have been killing me there.

Watched a decent episode of Las Vegas last night. Ed shows more of his shadowy CIA side, while Danny comes to the rescue to force the information out of his former workmates. Great show I watched that rather then the slow starting Monday Night Football (heard it ended up to be a decent game).

I read Felicia's post this morning about the blogger tourney, she didn't seem too happy...


SirFWALGMan said...


Thanks for the info on O8, wanna come back and post what book you suggest of his for O8, and what article(s) you are talking about? lol. I am going to try and find them myself.. but you could make it easy!

- Sir

Felicia :) said...

It was great, actually! I was upset with myself, the direction my journal was headed, and too much flaming.

I definitely wasn't upset with the LV bloggers. We had a great time.

Unknown said...

That's good hear Felicia. I guess I misunderstood when I read the post. I was planing on saving up for making the trip next year (there will be a next year I hope!) and was hoping ALL bloggers had a good time (which it sounded like they did).

Good luck on continuing to crush those 20/40 40/80 stud tables at the Belliago!