Thursday, December 09, 2004

Getting older

I had a great dinner with my parents and best friend last night. But, it wasn't the usual booze-fest on birthdays as it has been in the past. The funny thing is I didn't mind it, I had fun made some good conversation with a friend I don't get to see much lately because of his wacky work schedule and new kid.

Today we're having the company holiday outing. A decent buffet lunch/dinner then instead of a live comedian (as opposed to a dead one) they rented out the movie theater across from the dining hall for everyone to see one of three movies:

National Treasure

Christmas with the Krunks

Bridget Jones something or other

No, I did not subject myself to the pain of watching Bridget Jones, so I'll be viewing National Treasure. I don't go out to the movies often since there's no closed captioning and I hate spending $9 just to get in. I'd rather wait for the DVD to come out and lounge on my couch with a comfy pillow or my wife. I do like Nic Cage movies, they're usually funny to me at least so I'm hoping for a good time.

No poker last night since I thought the wife wanted anything other then going straight to bed, but I was wrong. So, I stayed up to watch Paul Phillips and Mel Judah duke it out at the Bike on the WPT replay. Someday I hope I get the chance to meet and/or play against these pros. I know I'd get my ass handed to me, but the learning experience would be worth it.

2 days till my Black Bear trip. Do you think the casino would frown upon playing Blind Man's Bluff for one hand? I'm sure to be a little drunk this weekend and might try to spice things up at the poker table :D I'm starting to get antsy about going so a little poker will be needed to calm my nerves tonight before I go out with my brother and sis-in-law since they couldn't make it last night. I don't think I'm going to bonus whore tonight, but I think I'll tackle a couple of $25 NLHE or PL Omaha hi/low tables at PokerNow and try to actually make money winning pots rather then working down hand requirements. As for the OIC, I think I'm done there, the Prima tables can be extremely profitable IF you stay long enough for the swings and work out the variances. People call you down on the low limit tables with anything so getting your KK cracked by 84o who called 2 bets cold is not uncommon, just move on to the next hand and get your money back with interest later.

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