Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I think the most exciting thing about poker is watching that last card come up and make/destroy your hand. I continued my bad streak of pushing the chips in while I was ahead last night and got sunk by someone on a draw. Not sure how else to play NL, I thought I'd made the right decision to put all-in with TT and a ragged but two flush card flop. "Make them pay for their draws" is advice I've heard. I made him pay, he ends up hitting an overcard to win. Sigh, time for bed, at least the blogger chat was decent. The night wasn't a complete wash, I did win 10BB at a $1/$2 limit table earlier in the night, so at Party I only lost $16 for the night (forgot about my bubble finish at a $11 Omaha 8 SnG).

Stars was a different story for me, lost to 3 gutshots with me holding top two and top pair went down to 74o when he called to the river with middle pair and me leading out. Sigh. That's poker, ups and downs and we still come back for more! I am seeing an improvement while cranking up the aggression factor I little bit. More raises with AK and mid-large pocket pairs. Also reading players and following that read. I called down a flopped middle pair vs. someone who'd raise me on the flop, turns out he only had high cards and I took it down. What surprised me was the bad play at Stars, from past experiences its been very tough place to play. I did lose 13BBs but felt confident that I was a better player then most at the table (that wasn't the case in the past when I played there).

5 day weekend starting at 4:30pm today. I need it! Going out for drinks with my sister after work since its her birthday... and I can could use a beer or three. Then over the weekend its running from family celebration to celebration. I plan on wearing sweatpants most of the time cause these people can cook, and I can eat :D They flooded the hockey rinks near my house yesterday, if weather warms up (currently -2 temp) I'm going to take the little guy up to go skating.

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