Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Thank god for the Hilton Sisters

Yes they're pretty to look at, but even better during the 12 days of Christmas bonus at Interpoker. $10 just for getting dealt QQ. I don't care if 83o gets a runner-runner straight, I win $10!!

The suckouts continue on Interpoker, I had a horrible -15BB night again. I must have enraged the river gods there because I didn't have enough fingers and toes to count all the bad beats. I'm beginning to question my play at the 6-max tables. After 2,500 hands there I'm -$110 on the $1/$2 tables. Not a good figure. I know I had a leak for betting middle pair off the flop and I changed that last night, but some untimely runner-runner suckouts prevented a profit. I did clear the $50 bonus.... but lost it all in the process of playing. Don't worry I'll turn in my Bonus Whore membership card on the way out. But wait! Since the Hilton Sisters graced my screen three times last night, I will be receiving an extra $30, which would give me a net profit of.... $27! Sigh. At least I got to play, right?

Feeling shaky about my play I decided to make myself feel better and fire up a $25NLHE PokerNow table. After some uneventful orbits, The Hammer stared at me with 6 limpers in LP, so I stared back and fired off a 4xBB raise. All folded except for a semi-decent-loose aggressive player in EP. Flop came out rags so I fired off a pot size bet, he called. Not good. A lovely 7 came on the turn and a gutshot straight draw. I put the short stack all-in hoping he was overplaying two overcards. He wasn't and turned over 99, with no help on the river, the hammer crashed :( But, since this is a Party skin, I reloaded with confidence and flopped trip sixes about 10 hands later. Checked the flop, bet the pot when the rainbow was completed by a Jack, got min raised, I pushed, he turned over KJ and I promptly got my hammer stack back (It rhymes!). There was a name at my table towards the end that I thought was uber-blogger Dr. Pauly mayhaps? Email me if it was so I can sweat you from rails sometime :)

Ladies night on the WPT tonight, I don't know the line up but hoping to ogle at the lovely ladies battling it out at the tables if I don't fall asleep first. Maybe Lindsay Lohan will be there?!?!?! I can still dream I suppose.

Jackpot Jay appearently played a hand vs. a blogger, this is from his article on
"8.) Revenge of the Donators -- Sometimes, they bite back. I had folded pre-flop in a $10-20 game. The guy in the big blind, having already invested his $10 blind, decided to call a pre-flop raise with what turned out to be 7-2 off-suit. When the flop came Q-10-7, he was in for the duration of the ride, no matter what the cost. So despite the best efforts of his remaining opponent, who bet or raised on every round with what turned out to be K-K, our hero was still hanging in there when the river brought a 2. As the guy with the K-K messaged after the hand, "Hey, are you (bleeping) serious?"
It is true that, in the long run, guys who call K-K with 7-2 are going to lose all their money. The problem is, if you are sitting there with A-A, and six guys with 7-2 or the equivalent are calling you, at least one of them is bound to outdraw you more than half the time. And for better or worse, that's exactly what happens quite often in online poker games, especially below the high limits"

Seems like he learned lesson #1 of online poker playing... Never fuck with the hammer.

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