Thursday, December 23, 2004

Quick post and night night

Just a quick jotting down. Worked off another 200 FPP at Stars and won!! Deck was hitting me in the face tonight, Quads kings twice, flopped trips, straights. It was nice to get on the nice side of RiverStars.

Hopped over to Party and got a juicy Bad Beat Jackpot Table (jackpot's at $320K log on now!!) and made $100 in 15 minutes! Nut straight, flopped set, and a AK vs. AQ called down made it quick and easy. If only I had the stomach to play at $2/$4 I'd try it more often, because it doesn't look anymore difficult then $1/$2.

I won't be writing till after the holidays probably so a Merry Christmas to all!! And to those that have been taking my money at the blogger tables.... I'll be back to donate Sunday night probably :)

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