Thursday, December 02, 2004

Toddler temperament Timer

Anyone who has brought their darling little 15 month old son or daughter to restaurant

knows there is an amount of time you have to shovel down your food before the toddler goes into spaz mode. I propose the Toddler temperament Timer! Simply place this device up to your toddler's forehead, it fits like a hat. Instantly the Toddler temperament Timer will scan your toddlers body temp and vital organs and start a count-down for how quickly you must eat before the toddler sends his/her meal air mail to other unsuspecting patrons of the restaurant. We tried out a sports bar/restaurant last night called Boston's. Wow! Excellent stromboli, spicy sausage, and the crust tasted like a pretzel YUMMY! The little one decided to throw a fit 3/4 of the way thru the meal so I snarfed down the rest of my stromboli like that Japanese guy who eats 50,000 hot dogs in two minutes. It was good eats and I'll plan a return trip soon. The only bad side was trying to order a beer. "I'll take a Mich Golden Light on tap", seems easy enough since its on the menu, "sorry its only in a bottle". Sigh. Ok... "I'll take Lennie Honey Weiss in a bottle", "sorry its only on tap". HA! I took the tap of Lennie to prevent ordering some foo-foo drink out of spite.

No poker when we finally got home since the little one gave me a headache usually only brought on by downing a 6 pack. I've gotten away from playing tired/disinterest, but playing drunk doesn't seem to effect my bankroll too much (as most poker bloggers seem to report the same results). There should be a study of how much alcohol one can safely consume before it effects their poker play. For my weekend sessions (normally the only time I drink) I'll try to list the amount of beer/drinks I consume and my win/loss for that total session. Playing at Black Bear Casino on the 11th doesn't count because I won't be there to win, but rather to enjoy my birthday. Hell, I might play like a total monkey for the first 30 minutes just to see what its like to catch two pair UTG while holding 83o and crack someone's aces.

I got the Showgirl's box set today from Grubby (THANKS!). Inside was some drinking games (gonna use these at Black Bear), a "pin the pasties" on a full size poster WOWOWOWOW, some shot glasses, a deck of cards (hope they're beer-proof), and some other goodies as I didn't go through the whole box yet. Since the wife isn't too keen on porn, I wonder if she'll watch the movie with me. Maybe we'll have to test drive the shot glasses first :)

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