Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Happy 30th to me!

Its my birthday and I'm still confuzzled on what to do tonight. The wife has been sick and still trying to go to work (which she just feels like crap after getting home), but my friends are lined up to go out. I'm torn between The Lookout, Cousineau's, Mama G's, or Houlihan's (yummy tall Long Islands). I like the neighborhood bar Lookout, but its a little smoky for the people with kids (like me). I'm having a shot of SoCo tonight since one day I hope to meet uber-blogger AlCantHang and be able to down the shot without some gag reflex and look like a college freshman at his first kegger.

I got two poker books for my birthday and a gift card to Barnes and Noble. Probably will pick up a 2+2 book of some sort. I'll be looking for book on shorthanded games to try to improve my "mouse" factor. I feel aggressive at these tables, but on Interpoker with most of the players being calling stations that will call you down with any pair I feel tighting up is the key to success.

I managed to piss away most of my profit while clearing the rest of the Interpoker bonus but managed to pocket just a little less then the total bonus. The swings are still hard to stomach, which tells me I need to stay at this level and master it before moving on to the $2/$4 game. I'll be dabbling with the $25NL on PokerNow since that seems to be a decent money maker regardless of bonuses. I saw Absolute is offering yet another bonus this week so I might have to mosey on down there to take advantage.

I'd like to try some more MTTs since I have a fairly good record of cashing but with the lack of time/interest in play for 3-4 hours I've shyed away from playing them. I will be testing out some SnGs though but only if I have the time to do so. In the past I'd just fire them up and not worry about the time nor the money invested. I probably lost $200+ just entering SnGs that I had no interest in, didn't have time to complete, and/or didn't play my best game.

If you're reading this and want to drop a quick Happy Birthday, I'm in love with Lindsay Lohan so any cute/racy pics you may have of this goddess would be appreciated :)

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Chris Halverson said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Here are some pics. Enjoy.