Thursday, December 16, 2004

Intertops Poker

Well, I tried to join another Party skin tonight (Intertops) and after a series of screens and bonus codes it didn't give me the sign-up bonus. Sigh. I truly suck at signing up under people (see post about trying to sign up on the UB for Grubby a couple of months ago). I followed the directions, I put in all my information, made the $500 deposit and under the bonus account: a big fat 0.

After wasting a good half-hour trying to figure out where I went wrong, I sent a couple of emails to the customer service departments (I know I'll probably never get an answer but its worth a try). If anyone has experience working with Intertop's service department please leave a comment. Thanks!

Receipe for a headache:
1: 20 minute nap for 18mos old son
1: Tired/Sick wife
1: Long day at work, sprinkled lightly

Taking the kid out to eat when he didn't sleep all day was a bad idea but my wife was set on going out. The food at Ruby Tuesday's was good (had a buffalo chicken sandwich), but I didn't eat much since we both spent the whole time catching food my son was throwing and trying to calm him down. Not even a replay of Scott F. winning his first WSOP bracelet in the bar was soothing enough for the little guy. Then this morning he decides he's awake at 4:30 am but doesn't want to get dressed. Ah, the joys of being a parent!

Tomorrow would normally be a fun day for me and the little guy but there's a showing of the house in the morning (grrrrrr no $5 multi @ Party), so we're going shopping with my mom. I need to get my wife some socking stuffers (any non-poker related ideas from the blog crowd?). No, she won't wear the dirty nurse's outfit from Fredrick's of Hollywood...

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