Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My first blogger table

Since no one gave out names I couldn't tell who was a blogger and which site they were from (please email me so I can add you to my buddy list!). Sorry if I was a bit crabby last night, as I managed to bleed off most of the PartyPoker bonus before clearing it. Raises got too much respect (won the blinds with AA three times, KK twice), tilt induced calls, spliting pots when hitting the nuts, and three suckouts on the river (damn you Hilton Sisters!!) landed me into a second losing session. Part to blame was trying to play 4 tables and keep up with the conversation. Maudie dropped by with a couple of quips, sadly she had to go before playing though.

Three of our closet friends got together to exchange gifts for the kids last night. Eating with 3 toddlers/infants is a fun experience! Nothing like organized mayhem for 30 minutes to offset a long day at work. The little one is getting better about not picking up and throwing everything within his reach but it wasn't relaxing chasing him down everywhere.

Wife was up all night sick so I was up most of the night as well. She still went to work because she didn't know if one of her co-workers was going to be there. She works in a kitchen, the last place I'd want someone who's sick to be working. Hope she can get in to see a doctor today since this cold has been going on for a couple of weeks now.

I didn't get to see Monday Night Football but heard the disgust of the bloggers when Miami pulled the proverbial rabbit out of their ass and won. I can imagine there was some unhappy sportsbook gamblers last night, that game had all of the fixings to be a lock for New England.

I deposited some cash into PokerStars last night to take advantage of their reload bonus. I haven't been there much except to play in Iggy's tournament and to turn my last $5 into $32.50 by placing a multi and winning a SnG. I'll try out two $1/$2 limit hold em full tables to start and see where my luck goes. I haven't cleared a bonus at Stars before, so if anyone has a hint on the easiest games let me know. I'll be popping into Party to play a little as well each night to see if this new frequent player club is worth it. I've never been one to pass up a free t-shirt, it was the whole reason why I played softball and volleyball! That and the free beer after the games I suppose.

Boss brought in Krispy Kremes this morning.... I'm in sugar-laced heaven. Continue with your day.


Pauly said...

I was Jack... but you knew that already!

John-Paul said...

Hey Dave, I was at your table last night too... jcost... click on my name to see my profile and site. Good playing with you.

Unknown said...

I figured out the Good Doctor :) Hope you're recovering well from the trip.

jremotigue said...

Enjoy your blog! How do you find the blogger NL table? Is it usually the same one? I assume it's on Party Poker.

Unknown said...

Look for some of the names of the bloggers. Email Dr. Pauly and he'll usually point the way to the blogger fish tank.

Beware... when you play on this table you're no longer in Kansas anymore.