Saturday, December 04, 2004

Dropping the hammer and it hits back!

I made the fatal mistake of dropping the hammer on a calling station. First he called a 6XBB raise with... KTo, then I tried to nudge him off his weak top pair to no avail :( Ah, the fishies were out tonight and luckly I nabbed a couple to make up for my horrible morning on the $1/$2 6-max tables. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a better NL then limit player. But, I looked the beats I took this morning and I was way ahead when I was betting/raising. This is encouraging to me (even though the results sucked ass) that I'm playing a solid game and not chasing flushes/straights when the pot odds are not there. I think the best advice I took out of Jones' book was "look for a reason to fold, there's another hand coming soon". If only I'd taken that advice when I raised with the hammer :D

I bowled a 237 last night whoo whoo! Bring on the 2 fer 1s! There's a money pot the high-rollers go in (I'm a 170ish average, definitely not a high roller) but I had little extra cash and went in. Lo and behold I'm $22 richer (going towards the Black Bear drunkin gamboooling fund).

Woke up this morning to participate in the Toys for Tots Reindeer Run. Basically its a toy drive for this great charity (they bring Toys to needy inter-city kids who wouldn't normally receive presents). With the Windsor 7s from bowling leaking through my pores I managed to complete the 3.1 miles around Lake Harriet in 30 minutes. Usually I run by myself but this year I stayed with my wife and her dad. It was much more fun, and I didn't assume a fetal position after finishing.

The family went out to my cousin's wedding tonight and the little one decided that a church is a cool place to play! Sigh. I spent most of the ceremony out in the lobby chasing down the little guy. He's so fun, but damn I'm beginning to need an oxygen tank to keep up with him! The reception got worst because he can't sit still for 2 nanoseconds, half his food ended up on the celling (I kid) and he didn't want anything to do with anyone except mom, dad, me and my wife. I'm sure he'll get better in the future.... I hope.

Time for bed, I need to rest up for the Vikes game tomorrow!

Oh, since other blogger do this, here's my NFL parlay this week:

Buffalo (-3.5) vs. Miami (Are you kidding me, this game screams bet the house)
Thunderbolts (-3) vs. Broncos (This is a tight game, but I hate Denver since its my best friend's favorite team)

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