Friday, December 10, 2004

Cracked like an egg in a stampede of soccer moms

AA, QQ, AA 3 hands in a row, all three hit top set on the flop, all three died. Its been a trying couple of days. Lost 3 stacks last night to 4 outers or less on the river. But, I did battle to almost break-even for the night.

This is a short post since I'm gearing up for Black Bear Casino tomorrow with hopes to forget that I'm not in Vegas with the better known bloggers. Another one of my friends dropped out of the trip due to the flu. This week has just been one misadventure after another. Hell, I signed up on PokerPlex this morning, cleared bonus for a whopping $5.25 profit (the bad beats above happened there and PartyPoker NL yesterday). I'll keep fighting the fish since they love to call 3 bets cold with any sOOOOOoted cards. But, I need to give them credit quicker when the 3rd flush card comes down.

I'm getting tired from being so old so I'm gonna head up to bed. I hope someone is getting the other end of the cards tonight since I've seem to monopolize the bad poker karma this week. Good luck to all the bloggers in Vegas, next year I'm seriously going to push to come out there, especially if another certain more famous MN blogger would go. Next post will be on Sunday before the Vikes take on the Seachickens. I'll probably have to buy a new TV before the game done, but I'll remain a loyal fan :)

Parlay for the week:
Jacksonville (-7.5) vs, Da Bears (this one seems like a sure thing unless Jeffery comes in the game)

Ravens (-10) vs. Giants (as long as Eli Manning continues to suck, bet against the Giants)

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Chris Halverson said...

Oh yeah, I plan on going. We'll have to plan on it.