Monday, December 06, 2004

Vikes suck, but the Packers are worse

Watching the Vikes sink to the lowly Bears on Sunday would have sucked worst had it not been for the Summit Extra Pales I was consumming. It was nice to watch the game with all the guys except my best friend who was lucky enough to have to work on the weekend!

I got 1/2 of my parlay right (thank god for INT returns at the end of the game). I can imagine the sportsbook managers in Vegas were pissed about that one, I checked the line for the Buffalo game right before kick off and it had gone up to 5.5, must have been some heavy betting. I haven't checked the account yet, but with the push on the San Diego game and winning the Bills game I should win 1/2 my bet.

For some poker... I'm currently tackling Interpoker for the Decemeber reload bonus (but still haven't gotten my ecash PIN # grrrrrrrr). The "any two will do" school of thought is very prevailant here. If there's a flush on the board, some will play J2s UTG vs. your 3 re-raise bet to the river. It sucks but they will pay your TPTK off to chase any gutshot, any flush to the river but the variance can be harsh. If you tackle these 6-max games make sure you have the bankroll to go up and down and don't be afraid to reload. Another thing is... its a 5 bet cap, not four like every other site, so you have a doofus betting into your nut flush or nut boat, keep raising.

I've almost cleared the UB bonus. I love the site, and interface but damn this bonus is tough to clear. Tougher competition + LAG yahoos make for some hefty swings. I've been playing 1 table of $2/$4 and holding my own so far. Plus the UB points come in a lot quicker then 2 tabling $1/$2. There's a reload bonus for the entire month of December, I might just get the bonus dollars and leave them there to clear in the future.

Today's the day to clear up my workman's comp case. 4 years to the day that the accident happened. I don't know whether to feel nervous or relieved. The last 4 years have been trying on me, my marriage, and my family but when you've got a good nucleus of family and friends you can get through anything. Without my wife I don't even want to think how bad off I would have been. She got me through the days I couldn't feed myself and all the emotional pains. I couldn't ask for a better spouse and thank God she picked me.

We watched "5 People You'll Meet in Heaven" last night. The book was awesome, yes it was short but wow what an excellent read. The movie was a great adaptation, Jon Voigt (sp?) was an excellent choice to play Eddie and he played it to a key. If you haven't read the book, please do so.

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