Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bad Reads, Worst Results

Maybe I'm paying too much attention now that I only play two tables at a time. Usually you would figure in no limit hold em' that if there are four limpers behind you and the blinds ahead of you that you probably would want to raise with Aces.

I guess not.

Then again when the same person keeps showing down powerhouse hands like A5o and Q9sOOOOOOted, its hard to put him on Aces. Oh well, rebuy and retry. Wheeeeeeee.

Just a brief one hour session for me last night after softball, lost half of a buy-in. Its debated as to whether I should have played poker at all since seven softball games in three days can take a toll on an out-of-shape 30 year old.

I've also been getting the prescribed sleep depravation for Vegas as directed by the good doctor.
At the moment I'm taking double doses of no sleep.

A screaming toddler in the morning does NOT sound the same as a pit boss reminding you that the hot asian dealers are not "for hire" at 3am on a blackjack table. It sounds more like Onterrio Smith when they took away his Whizzzzzinator.

Start rant.

I do feel the need to squak about something.

Being sick at work.

Everyone has done it, and its not the sniffles or a headache. Granted I've come to work not under the best of health before. An occasional sneeze, runny nose, and even a cough or two. But for the past month or two the cubical next to me contains a woman that sounds like a three-pack-a-day smoker battling alergies and yellow fever. All day *cough* *cough* *hack up a (insert animal reference here)* *cough* *sneeze* *blow through a box of Puffs (with the added Aloe lotion)*

Please. Me likey being healthy, please go home and rest. Make some chicken soup and watch All My Children and Thomas the Tank Engine. Let Maury tell you about the chick who's gone through 15 different paternity tests and still hasn't found the right guy. I don't feel like contracting your illness just nine days before going to Vegas. I'd rather liquidfy my liver and other internal organs through the funnel of rum and tequila not Nyquil and Alavert.

End rant.

Thanks for dropping by now go here to learn all about those nagging health issues you have been having due to that date you paid for last night.

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