Monday, May 23, 2005

Omaha, I Love Ya


Love it.

Sure the suckouts are plentiful as I painfully found out during a rebuy tourney on Stars. But after cashing in six consecutive Omaha SnGs (winning three of them) it restored my faith that there are still some really weak competition out there for the taking. I've almost wiped out the loses incurred at Stars over the past two months. Yes, I'm a poster child for break-even poker. At least I've ditched the nook of bonus whoring....

What's that? Party re-load bonus? BONUSMAY for 20% up to $100?

Gimme my nook back.

But, I am not doing my normal mindless four-tabling of the $25NL tables. I'm playing at least 100 hands of a $100 or $200 table each night, and concentrating on that one table. Results are still good, the players are still bad. After my first foray into this limit I thought I was out of my league. But when people stack off with a sOOOted hammer (no it wasn't a blogger) and two pair with a flush board, it restores my confidence that this game can be beat (especially when I'm holding the Ace high flush). Please don't ask about coin flips though, even though I cashed in a couple of SnGs at Full Tilt (BONUS CODE: Drizz99) I still lost all three coin flips to get bounced.

Speaking of Full Tilt... I got the pleasure of giving away some money to John Juanda this weekend at a $2/$4 Razz game. Yes Felicia, I know the game was too tight, except for that one guy who called me down with a T9 (I managed to stack bricks with the competency of a master masonry worker). Razz is still a fun game despite the brickhouse building that can ruin that great four to a wheel start. If you don't play Razz, its much like being dealt AA as your starting cards in Hold Em' and losing.

I didn't spend all weekend indoors partly because I don't want to win the palest Minnesotan contest. I played in a softball tourney despite my body feeling like a geltain dessert. We didn't win the tourney but it was nice to get out with the guys and down a couple of Miller High Lifes with some Caribbean Jerk wings from Buffalo Wild Wings (yummy). We finished the tourney 3-2 and due to some wacky rules we had to coin flip (insert audiable sigh here) to see who would go on to the 4 team bracket finals.

Take a guess who DIDN'T win. And no I didn't call it. Next time I'm bringing that coin with heads on both sides with me to softball (thanks Bob).

Back home for a little yard work (gotta get some marriage points after being out with the guys all weekend) and a nice TALL Cap'n Coke to relax while watching Star Wars Episode 2 (not the best of movies but needed to see it to remind me of the new Episode out). I know its complaint of everyone who enjoys the Star Wars movies but... could they just cut out the uncomfortable Anakin/Amadla dialogue and stick with the super cool guns and lightsabers? It reminds me of my horrible attempts to impress the ladies at dance clubs back in college.

After Count Dooku lopped off Anakin's arm, I headed downstairs to play my 100 hands at Party and maybe an SnG since the Cap'n Coke was starting to hit the right spots. But Felicia had an IM informing me of an Omaha freeroll at 24h poker. I didn't want to stay up for two to three hours to win a dollar, but she said this tournament puts the T in Turbo and the 200 person tourney would be done in an hour. Whoa. Anisotropy, AlCantChat, and Tom Bayes joined us for the 10 Euro top prize. I'd never owned a Euro before, and in case I ever get to complete one of my sport fantasies of seeing Wimbelton live, I'll need some to pay for the strawberries and cream!

I blinked, and I was out in 30ish place. I don't know if this is a regular tourney, but man if your favorites hold up just once or twice you'd have your fish n' chips paid for, maybe even a little extra for some tea.

Thanks for dropping by now go read what the fanbois are saying about the new Star Wars. If you have already seen it, I don't want to know how it ends *plugs ears*.

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