Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just Random Thoughts Today

- Stan Van Gundy... NBA Basketball coach or potential stand in for Ron Jeremy?

- Jason Giambi going to the minors. If any other player struck out 1/3rd of the time and had a batting average that matches Stephen Hawking's IQs, its time to work out the kinks in his swing at a lower level.

- Rob and Amber NOT winning the Amazing Race. I cried and hope CBS sees the errors of their ways and brings them back next season.

- Picking up cat puke in the morning while half-asleep. Not recommended.

- Officer chased, then shot and killed at point blank range because he told the man to leave the bar. (Star Tribune). I hate people sometimes.

- Vegas in 22 days, anyone have a time machine? Currently I can't get "Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show out of my head. No idea why.

At last night's softball game our co-ed team broke their proverbial win cherry. No, perverts, we won our first game last night despite wind and rain that left me looking out for Noah's Ark. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but I hate playing sports in bad weather. Golf especially. Give me 80s, sunny, no wind and a 6 pack and I'll be walking around the course with an extra wood.

Finally got home around 9:30 to catch the tail end of the PokerProf's Noble Freeroll. Unfortunately I got home too late and couldn't employ my Phil Hellmuth style of winning tourneys. JOPKE! (see Paul Phillips' website for details). I was most concerned that a certain SoCo drinker managed to beat me despite my perfect use of UV protection and chip tricks. The rail was fun as always to ride, watched BadBlood get unceremonially rivered during a race.

In all honesty, I had more fun chatting then playing!

I fired up Pacific Poker *shudder* to waste the $10 that has been sitting in there, but I couldn't enter in the $10 SnG, so I hit up a $5 6-max SnG. If this place had better software I would quit my job and play there full time. Got called down 3 times with one card gut shot straight draws, unfortunately the last one made it and I lost out. In the past I would have calmly explained to the gentleman (or lady) how they played their cards in a incorrect manner (all while throwing some random object across the room). Now, I just shrug and feel good that I got my money in with the best of it, and praise the poker gods for continuing to send people like these to the virtual felt. Lets face it who would you rather play against? Someone who plays 3rd pair like the nuts, or someone who's going to check-raise you on a scary board only because he/she has figured out you're holding nothing but overcards.

Thanks for dropping by now go hug your pet today (even if it puked recently). And don't forget to go get a free frosty!!!

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