Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'll Be The One With The Yellow Rose...

I know many of us will be armed with cell phones and such in Vegas. I was wondering how we are going to know who's who?

Some of us have posted pictures of ourselves, some have not. This is not pressure to anyone who does not want their picture posted on a website. But, for those who want to meet prior to the Rio on Friday afternoon/evening is there a way we could identify the person behind the blog?

I'm pretty easy to identify. I'll probably be wearing a softball uniform or tourney t-shirt, a visor with the T-Wolves or Twins, as Chad stated I'm fairly tall but not basketball size tall (meaning I don't wear size 20 shoes and have to go to a specialty store to shop for clothes). I will probably have an athletic sized woman about 5'2" next to me complaining that either:

a) I'm wandering around watching people gamble too much

b) I'm playing too many slots (this is unlikely since I'll be getting one of those electric fence collars to shock me if I go near a penny bonus game slot).

c) I'm not paying attention to her and wandering into the poker room before we even drop off our luggage

d) Downing my 5th rum and coke before dropping off said luggage and asking her when's a good time to go to the nudie bar (she will probably walk away at that point).

I'll try to take a more recent picture of myself before June 2nd (even mentioning the date gets me excited in a tingly-sensation-down-there sort of way). I think World Famous Poker Champion Chris Halverson has a pic of the Minnesota boys from Al's visit this winter. I know I took some pics with a disposable camera, but I probably haven't gotten them developed. Had my wife taken the pics she would have ran to Target the day after taking the pics and waited at the counter until they were ready. She likes pictures. I like getting a bunch of pics from totally different events, it makes for more fun when you're not looking at 15 pictures of Aunt Rose opening up her ginsu steak knives set.

I missed Pauly's freeroll last night. I suck. Plus I was tugged by the ear (and other body parts) to go to bed semi-early last night due to playing softball for the fourth straight day. I saw the Yahoo! chat room filled with the usual suspects, and someone even invited the porn (how much did the chick want for her webcam BG? I kid. I kid.)! Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) there were other matters to attend to.

Tonight, no softball, no yard work, just a little WPT then a couple of tables of $100NL at Party and an Omaha SnG or two at Stars. Maybe a Cap'n Coke to calm the nerves and some porn to um... relax, yeah that's it.

Thanks for dropping by, now go here to make sure YOU get noticed at your next social gathering.

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