Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend. To me it used to mean spending the weekend in freezing cold weather on a campground drunk for 3 days straight in Wisconsin. Maybe I'll tell a story or two about Edgefest in future posts... if I can remember enough about it since one of the few memories I have was climbing on top of my 1992 Mazda 626 plastered off a half bottle of Tanqueray and juice.

Ah, youth.

I'm all grown up now, but I'm still a Toys-R-Us kid. Things change when you get married and have a little one running around screaming for more chips and something to drink.

You have to wait till they go to bed. :)

Late night poker with these fine folks (Pauly, I know you want this jacket worn by the guy on the right...)

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A little SnG with seven players, T1000 in chips, and me with a tall vodka cranberry. Alas, the wanna-be internet pro was shot down on the bubble as my friends E and BJ battled it out for the $25 top prize ($10 to the looooooser). E had been the suckout king (there ya go E, I got it in the post) all night. Flush draw vs. top two vs. a flopped straight? Too easy for this river monarch. He needed a card, I obliged by turning over nasty river cards that would make online poker seem not-so-rigged.

At 2am I also figured out something else... I am a lightweight. Sure I had plenty of beers during the day, but that one tall drink at the end of the night got me drunk. Maybe I'll order Shirley Temples in Vegas and pass them off as Vodka Collins'. Naw. Drunk poker is too much fun especially when you get to play with friends :)

Little Drizz rejoiced after beating his dad in a hard contested game of Chinese Poker....

Little Drizz wins

Well... it was more 52 card pick up then Chinese Poker but he made sure he won and did a victory dance afterwards.

When you're at the cabin of course its always good to do a little yard work. I'm notorious for not doing yard work or fixing things. It might have something to do with the inability to use tools or follow instructions. But, I like a good Minnesoooootan I was able to split some logs with the accuracy of Paul Bunyan... ok maybe more Paul Simon then Bunyan, but I got the job done!

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok

When the firewood is split and the women are off to the nearest flea market what else there to do?


I sucked. Hard. But luckily my friends Burnsie, Rice, E, and BJ were there to pick up the slack as we entered a 5-man best ball tourney in the resort area. Out of 15-17 teams we tied for first but went away with 3rd place money due to too many putts as a tie breaker. Had I been able to hit something besides the lawn gnomes in people's yards we probably would have won it.

Golfing tourney 3rd place

A fun weekend and I even got a little sun (beware Chris you might win the Whitest Minnesotan contest).

Back home on Monday for some yard work, blisters, and a little online poker...

I don't know what I was playing but it wasn't poker. Maybe it was the crash from lack of alcohol... no I had a big tumbler of Cap'n Coke by me the entire time. Whatever it was, I was not playing well except for a couple of Omaha SnGs with the ABobANation. I got Bobbitizied twice and watched the man run over the field. Wanna bet on someone most likely to cause a pro to flip a table? My money is on him. Mix card savvy with gift of gab, and this guy may not win, but he'll being having the most fun. I guar-ron-damn-tee ya.

A tip for those players with kids... don't enter a rebuy tourney while the little one is still up. Its stupid money management when its a nice day out and the little guy comes up to you with his big blue eyes and goes "OUTSIDE OUTSIDE".


I was down $120 in buy-ins for the night after playing some horrible poker, mixed in with a nice run at the heads-up $20 Stars tourney. I made it to the 3rd round, but pissed away my chips when it got late and wanted to go to bed (hence I play better poker when I'm actually paying attention). Not the kind of practice I was looking for going into Vegas, but at least I figured out how NOT to play.

Thanks for dropping by, now go here and beg for Lindsay Lohan to return to her curvy self. I need a new actress to drool over while she weens herself from the crack-addict like diet she's on. Any suggestions?

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