Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Razz Me Tender

Note to self: When looking for a "quick" SnG to play before getting some desparately needed sleep, don't choose Razz.

The work day dragged more then a 60 year old ex-stripper's pair of fun bags yesterday. Getting thru the day with less then four hours of sleep isn't for this trooper. Since I don't drink caffeine for the most part (minus an occasional Cap'n Coke), I don't have the advantage of a "quick pick-me-up" with a cup of coffee. Nor do I want to, coffee to me taste like dirt and nothing more. Maybe Little Drizz will like coffee, he loves dirt.

Anyway... played a little softball again last night and our co-ed team fell once again while playing defense worthy of a Bad News Bears highlight reel. Heh. But, its all for fun. The real reason you play is to hang out afterwards which we did by dropping by J. Cousineau's for some chicken strips (the honey BBQ sauce is fan-tabulous!) and plenty of mass produced beer. There's a time and place for micro-brews, fruit-tinted, and foreign beers. After a softball game its time for Lite, MGD, Pabst Blue Ribbon, or Mich Golden Light. Wet, cold, and not flat. I'm not picky, just keep em coming.

After a beer or five it was time to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

What was that? Poker? Yes, I have heard of the game. No, I'm tired, maybe tomorrow.

Huh? Easy money? Bonus Code Iggy? Well, I could use some cash to blow on drunk strippers and dollar Craps in Vegas. But the Twins are on and the bed is looking awfully comfortable right now.

C'mon just have one SnG, I'll give you a free taste and it will add three inches to your manhood.

Ok, I don't where I was going with that but I'm back and yes I decided to forgo just a little sleep to play a couple SnGs. I fired up Party to use up the mini-step freeroll I had and find a quick SnG on Full Tilt.

The mini-step SnG didn't work out and I wonder where the heck this weak/tight lay down of Ace-King came from. 6 people left, I get AK UTG + 2, raise 4XBB, one caller, then the button min-raises. I have no read on him other then he's played quite a few hands but none to showdown. A minimum re-raise always reeks of Aces or Kings, but hell this is Party and he could have two sOOOted cards. I fold (like I said, no idea where the weak/tight bug bit me), the flop comes out a King high rainbow, and I can't help but think I missed a big opportunity to double up. Got blinded down to 4BBs and pushed with 66 in the big blind. The min raiser from the previous hand had limped in already and called with KTo. I was hoping for a non-call but the flop again comes out King high and I win $4. Go me.

That took around 45 minutes, perfect now I can get to bed... except I'm playing a Razz SnG on Full Tilt and I'm the chip leader. Guess I'll stick around.

Was still the chip leader with 5 left when suddenly it rained Kings, and more Kings, and more Kings. 9 out of 10 hands in a row I caught a King or Queen on the doorcard and had to pay the bring in. Of course everyone of those 9 hands someone would complete I was forced to fold without anything underneath to warrant taking off at least one card. Whoever said Razz said was relaxing, must have been drunk at the time. But we won't mention names.

Glyphic dropped by to watch the paint dry (his words) in my push towards a heads-up battle. Fold, complete, fold, fold, complete, fold, swat kitty away from the monitor, call, bet, fold, complete, complete, porn, complete, ooohh bonus game playing slots, fold, fold. Needless to say I spent two frickin hours to win $14 for first place. I think clipping my nails would have been more productive and relaxing. There's nothing soothing about watching bricks fall when you start with a wheel draw and your opponent has two pair. Ok, I secretly love Razz, don't tell the wife.

Its definitely a cash cow at the lower levels, like Glyphic said "they always try to bluff their doorcards at this level". Very true, if one player had a 6 or lower ALWAYS completed regardless if she had paint or even a pair in the hole. I played back at her a couple of times after catching a good card on 4th street and she folded each time. Smart aggressive? Maybe. But to complete the bet EVERY time someone has a bad bring in card seems a little too loose. Maybe Felicia has a comment on aggression late in a Razz tourney.

Speaking of the Master of All Things Stud, last I heard she was schooling the male gender in the Plaza H.O.R.S.E. tourney. Good luck Felicia!

Thanks for dropping by, now go check out those wacky conservative Texans trying to ban "Sexy Cheerleader Dancing". Was there really another reason to go to your high school's football game? I can't think of one.

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