Thursday, May 26, 2005

Could You Please Stop Kicking Me?

As I woke up Little Drizz this morning to get him dressed I thought about how his attitude seems like how bad I've been running lately playing poker. He kicked and screamed the entire time while changing his diaper and putting on a new t-shirt and pants. Even leaving me a surprise in his diaper that usually isn't there in the morning.

I got shit on all last night. Again.

Money in, with the best of it. Check. Results: a toddler size shoe to the genital area and two stacks lighter.

I won't go into hand history and all that jazz, but losing last night with the exception of a boat over boat, for lack of better words. Hurt.

All poker bloggers have gone through this, extended times of receiving kicks to the groin (or any sensitive area you may have), but how do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? I look at how I'm putting my money in the middle and still feel confident in ALMOST all of my calls/raises/folds but I'm just not getting results.

Does this mean I suck? Am I the fish? Isn't this game about results? Is it about how high of limits you can play/achieve as I was told by someone "slumming" in the $100NL game last night when him and friend chatted continuously about how he should go back to the $600NL or $30/$60 game. My advice to him? Play where you're having fun, if you not having fun here, then leave. His reply, "ooooooh are you jealous"? No I wasn't, because playing at this level is a challenge to me at the moment. I'm still trying to become a winning player here and that's my goal. Even Scott Fischman talks about how the size of the limit you are playing at doesn't matter.

Money in, with the best of it. After that its gambling. Thanks again to Felicia for giving me that golden nugget of wisdom, after "you suck" its kindest thing I think I've heard her say to me :D I kid.

She's also offering to stake someone in a tourney on May 30th in Vegas and in true Felicia manner, her disclaimer.... "You must know me. It doesn't matter whether or not you actually like me, most people don't. If you are some idiot flamer or stalker who has been harassing me for the past year, you can suck my *&%@!".

I can't wait to meet her in person :)

Since hold em' was handing me dirty diapers, I decided to check out a Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better full table SnG on Stars. I took 2nd. Eight straight cashes in these, including 4 wins and 2 seconds. Knock knock puddin' head maybe Hold Em' isn't your game. That could be true, but the swings in PLO8 are enough to big enough to enrage a Buddhist Monk. I want to be able to laugh off a beat in Hold Em' before trying the murky waters of nut straights with re-draws to the nut flush and low with 54 people to see the flop.

Enough bitching for the day, I have an alcoholic weekend to prepare for. 1.75 liter of Cap'n Morgan. Check. Golf Clubs. Check. 12 pack of decent semi-microbrew? Check. Money for Grand Casino Hinckley. Whoa there pilgrim, you're going to Vegas next week. Wouldn't you rather give your hardly earned money to a bunch of degenerate gamblers and drunks?

I would. 7 days folks. Peace.

Thanks for dropping by, now here's a webpage to help you waste time for the next seven days before the WPBT

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