Thursday, May 05, 2005

One Legged Man In An Ass Kicking Contest

I'd rather get cold-decked then get the second-best hands like I did last night.

Set over set (raises hand twice).

TPTK vs. turned set, yep that's me, Abe Froman, sausage king of Minneapolis. And yes I'll go back to the clubhouse with the kids now to stop my whining. Bueller?

Just wasn't my night last night. The bright spot was getting deep into the Pot Limit Hold Em' Bracelet Race tourney. But, like the cash games, I ran into a second best hand. Queen high flush vs. King high flush with the Ace and two other flush cards on the board, busting around 30th place out of 145. That's poker.

I don't know if this was karmadic revenge from Da Geek for taking his online moniker but it sure was funny to see how he busted out of the tourney. Poor guy.

After watching the WPT last night it made me never want to complain about a beat again. The Grinder vs. Danny N. and hitting the ONE card left in the deck on the river to send Michael home. He could hardly keep it together for the quick interview with Ms. Hiatt afterward. Not that I'd blame him. Oof, that smarts.

Light day today due to lack of sleep and interesting happenings. I'll be playing a full weekend of poker, hopefully clearing a couple more bonuses for the Vegas trip without denting my current bankroll as my slide in the cash games continue.

Thanks for dropping by, now go hug a Mexician and a couple of Coronas. Its CINCO DE MAYO!!!

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