Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Otis Reaches From Across the Pond

First... BG asked us to list our "secret shames".

Even on the risk of public flogging, I shall list my shames:

- My biggest one is posting on a message board for a MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) I used to play called "Dark Age of Camelot". I like the people who post there and still exchange IMs with them. But 37,000 posts?!?!?! I know, I know.

- My limited music knowledge outside of the 80s. Its horrible, I couldn't tell you three bands in the current Billboard's top 100.

- Extreme Home Makeover, Grey's Anatomy, Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives: you know you watch too. Stop laughing.

- If there's chocolate, there must be a glass of milk. No exceptions.

- I've read Nora Roberts novels and like them.

- I talk to my cat while playing online poker... granted sometimes its "GET THE F#()@ AWAY THE MONITOR" but he calms me down. Think the Aladdin would mind me bringing him?

There are my shames, if you want to treat me like a leper now I'll understand.

Oh look a poker tournament! Where?!?!

Good redirection.

As I walked in from cutting tree stumps and de-rooting them around five p.m. on Sunday I had an IM from Otis (you da man) asking why I wasn't signed up for the WPBT tourney tonight. I was at my cabin since Friday morning I didn't know there was one! I'm always happy to donate my $33 towards the good cause of sending a fellow blogger to the show.

I faired a little better then recent WPBT tourneys on Sunday night, finishing 23rd in the latest WPBT "Send-A-Blogger-To-The-WSOP" tourney. Most of you know Joe Speaker took home the big prize and a free trip to play with the pros for more then Little Debbie's snack cakes money (hmmmmm Nutty Bars).

I played fairly well but card death for the hour after the first break killed any chance I had at making a final table. No pocket pairs, no sOOOOOOted connectors, not even a couple of paint cards, just trash hand after trash hand. I was able to steal a couple of blinds but the antes ate me up.

No Hank I will not mention the first hand of the tournament, we'll discuss it over a couple of beers at the Aladdin. It did add to my recent bad runs, having big favorites in tournaments and losing (or chopping in this case). What was different in this case is that it got me fired up to play better, not tilt. Granted there was a "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" at first, but I played as aggressive as one can when being dealt 84o for a solid hour. Plus Hank mentioned several times this was the toughest starting blogger table he'd played it.

I agree. Since the Grubblog Classic, and having Doubleas to my right and Grubby on my left I can't remember a tougher starting table.

The yahoo chat was fun as usual, even if there were no porn stars gracing us with their chesty presence and promises of sexual fantasies fullfilled.

Moving on... last night after getting home from softball (we won both games, including getting 29 runs in one inning, they only had one error, we rock) I fired up Full Tilt to check out the games for a quick hit and run. Instead I saw a lot of pros on! JJ, Clonie, Andy Bloch, Quiet Lion, David Opperheim (see Daniel's website...). Lion, JJ, and David O. were playing $10/$20 NLHE, Glyphic politely declined to play after I IM'd him. Wuss.

There was a GAMBOOOLER in the house at the $10/$20 game. This guy would push with anything: 32s beat big slick, he did run Q6o (no pair) into the Lion's flopped set of nines (excellent play by Richard). It was obvious the money did not matter to him as he would reload after every failed push (I'm guessing it was a pro who just didn't care or was casting some bait for someone like me to join the game). But, why push in a game where you know there's 3-4 pros that will call you because they too are unafraid of losing a stack ($2,000)? -EV play if you asked me, but its not my money and I know I am several years from playing in that game so I'll keep my opinions to my myself, or my blog for that matter ;)

Thanks for dropping by, now go read about Man jOO going to a yankee. I'm guessing Al was rather amused by this story.

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