Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars!!

Sadly I didn't go. I do want to hear about the movie, so if you did see it drop me a comment.

Short post today since I'm half-asleep because Bobby Bracelet, Iggy, and the race for some chalupa money kept me up.

Bob tossed me an IM while I was playing some Hold Em' on Empire to chip away at the bonus that needs to cleared by Friday afternoon. Despite being at a very juicy table, I couldn't catch the cards to play with the manaics and end up a whopping dime ($.10 not $1,000 lets remember you're not reading Richard's blog here ok?) after two hours.

I fired up a couple of $10 Omaha SnGs with Bob and the smack talk made my night. Playing poker with friends >>>>> grinding bonuses. I'll probably keep repeating that but nothing could be more true. I played for two hours and didn't even notice. I bubbled out of one of the SnGs and never had a chance in the other but I had fun. I LOVE POKER! (good use of caps Bob?)

Iggy hopped on top of a couple of phone books to join the conversation later on. I hope he links the two insult websites he showed last night. I laughed so hard I woke up my wife from the basement. No marriage points earned, but damn those pictures and captions were funny. The pit bull of poker bloggers also dropped by to view Iggy's twisted sense of humor. I'm still laughing at those Star Wars pics (wish I remember'd the link grrrrrr).

The whole time I was playing the cash game and SnGs with Bob, I had a $1 Omaha H/L tournament at Stars going. Since it was limit not much attention was needed for the early rounds. These tournament boil down to one thing:

You need to hit a hand late in the tournament (yes a wonderful statement of the obvious).

Its not like a no limit or even pot limit tournament where you can steal your way into the money if you're careful about it. In a limit tourney you need to hit that one or two hands that will vault you into a comfortable position to be able to see a couple of flops and get lucky.

I got lucky, and I'm treating myself to a Chalupa and maybe some hot sauce this afternoon. I donked away the 5BBs I had left (finishing 42nd/610) when the blinds got to 600/1200 on KK99, capping pre-flop but an A J J flop sunk me when the chip leader stayed in with his AAxx, soooooooooooo rigged :P

Thanks for dropping by, now go here and make sure your spouse isn't sleeping. Thanks again to Iggy for pointing this site out.

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