Thursday, May 12, 2005

Got A Spare Four Leaf Clover?

No? How about a rabbit's foot? A horseshoe perhaps?

Once again the master of losing coin flips did just that last night. Bounced early in the WPBT event at Noble due to a mix of card death and finally a coin flip my 55 vs. AKo. Why do I always lose these things? Ah! I lacked proper chip tricks to help win race situations! Sigh. Maybe I should hit up one of those chip trick sites to dazzle the ladies in Vegas. As always the rail was much more fun then the tourney. Keeping up with the chat seemed like more fun then playing cards anyway. Otis chiming in at the wrong times while Felicia discussed her current medicial status was priceless.

Congrats to Scott and Badblood on a tournament well played in taking 2nd and 3rd respectively!

I was also playing in two other tournies at the same time since my adult ADD can't handle just one screen plus three different IM chat sessions. Yes, I'll be multi-tabling in Vegas too... just kidding.

$1 Stars NLHE - 1573 contestants

I started off great by doubling through twice in the first three rounds, slowplayed KK while someone hit their Q with QT on the flop. Made trip aces with A3 in a BB special while someone called down with TT. Eh? But, after being in the top 20 in chips for several rounds I went card dead and had to resort to stealing the blinds as much as possible just to stay at par. Then I picked up 99 one off the button to race with AK in the big blind. True to its name, Riverstars produced an Ace on the river. Thankyouverymuchbyebyenow. 201st when 180 got paid. Sorry Tom, no Taco Bell cash.

$20 Pot Limit Omaha Hi @ Full Tilt - 113 Contestants

As you can see above with the Full Tilt banner, there's a lovely pro by the name of Clonie Gowen who is a part of team Full Tilt. She happened to be playing in the same tourney as yours truly. Lo and behold when I got seated, she was sitting directly across from me. Even though I had been playing at Full Tilt for several months this is the first time a pro has been at my table. My first thoughts were "at least I'll get some sleep tonight".... Three hours later we were still battling it out and this hand came up, I would appreciate some comments from "tournament pros".

All fold to Clonie who raises two off the button to T1350 and has ~T5000 left behind, the button pushes all in with T1900, the blinds were at 300/600 I believe. The SB folds , I'm in the BB with KT64 all diamonds with T5000 (a short stack as well). We're already in the money with 15 or so players left. I called the T1300 (there was ~T4200 in the pot so I'm getting more then 3:1 to call, correct?). I know my hand sucks but for those pot odds I thought it was worth it to take a shot.

Flop comes out T 9 6 with two clubs.

Clonie checks, I check.

Turn is a Jack of clubs (here's come the sticky part)

Clonie checks, I min bet to represent the flush. She thinks and folds.

River is a blank. And my two pair is trumped by the all-in's J9.

Immediately all the rail fanbois start berating me saying "you have to roll it when there's an all-in". Even Clonie chimed in for a minute or two calling my play stupid since her straight would have knocked out the all-in. Yes, she's right, knocking out opponents is the right thing do to in that situation but I had a different line of reasoning for my semi-bluff. I wasn't worried about the all-in staying in the tournament, I was worried about Clonie staying in. I figured if I could represent the flush and she didn't have it, she'd fold and be down to just a few more orbits thus crippling the most dangerous player at the table. Which is what happened three hands later when she went all-in and someone drew out the nut flush.

The question I have for the tourney poker pros out there... was I wrong in my reasoning? Knocking out a player vs. attempting to shut out the most dangerous player left in the tourney?

It bothered me that even Clonie got mad at my play without seeing it from my perspective, then again the rail fanbois cluttered the chat so much all I could offer was an "I'm sorry". In retrospect, I wasn't sorry, I stuck to my plan, and eventually got the results I wanted. Even if it did piss off one of my favorite pros to watch and one that I'd like to meet.

As Chad saw I missed the final table by one via suckout by the chip leader. I had AATT sOOOOOted and two queens flopped, hitting the chip leader's KQJ2. It sucks but wow, what a rush to play on a table with a top pro for nearly three hours and hold my own while doing it!

Thanks for dropping by, now go read about my beloved Vikings current mishap. Please don't bust up the team that has oodles of potential this year. Luckily the Vikes have 15 million running backs and Smith can be replaced as needed, but this doesn't help team spirit along with Kelly Campbell's recent "i b smokinz weed while rolling my wit my ride im da wrong lane wit my stolen gat" arrest.

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