Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Aftermath

"Gambling from your bedroom or living room or dormitory is not a socially useful activity," according to a statement from the office of Rep. Jim Leach, R-Iowa, who pushed the legislation.

- From Seattle Post

Jerking off to Girls Gone Wild: Sorority House Edition is not a socially useful activity, but people still do it (so I've heard). Hell, sleeping is not a socially useful activity.

Why should people like Leach, Kyl, and Frist-fucker determine what is socially useful or what I do in my bedroom?

Did you guys THINK of the fallout before shoving something like this into law? Maybe check across the pond to see who you'd piss off?

Oh, and Mr. Frist who abhors gambling, nice job taking money from the industry (at #13).

Enough of this at least till next week, I'm ref'ing an 8th grade girls volleyball game today and hoping the glares from the tweens after I call a double hit or lift will put me in a better mood.

Thanks for dropping by, now I hope my friends who are employed by online poker sites are making it thru this with minimal headaches. My prayers go out to you.

Edit: Props to the Big Hurt yesterday. Simply wow. Go BOOF!!!

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