Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is It Really Worth The Time?

I'm new to this political thing. Now, I've heard the "vote em' out" theme while choosing a canadiate.

So I decided to read up on the different views of those who wish to nab a job in Washington for the next two or six years. Now most of the candidates gave the “lower taxes” “improve the environment” “STOP EVIL ONLINE GAMBLING” (excuse the outburst) lines while describing their blueprint to preserving the good ol’ US of A.

Doug Williams a U.S. House District 2 Independence Party candidate decided to go a dumbed down George Carlin route while not even answering all the questions. No degrees nor education were listed for Mr. Williams.

(This is from the League of Women Voters Minnesota Voters Guide ’06)

Are market forces sufficient to ensure a clean environment? If not, what regulatory actions would you support?

Doug’s answer: Yes.

I’d like to see someone argue through that War and Peace length answer.

How can immigration policy balance U.S. economic needs, the interests of U.S. works and security?

Doug’s answer: All immigration should be stopped.

Dougie doesn’t like people, a good quality in a Representative.

What are the long and short-term impacts of the deficit on the economy?

Doug’s answer: Inflation and too many worthless dollars.

Wow, why wasn’t Doug selected to step in for Alan Greenspan?

If Social Security and Medicare place significant burdens on future budgets, how would you make up the balance?

Doug’s answer: N/A

Man I’m lovin this politics thing, enthralling conversation about how to keep this country from going into the tank.

What steps, if any, should the government take to make health care more accessible and affordable?

Doug’s answer: Make it mandatory for employers to have health care plans for their employees. Like Wal-Mart, the old man that started the company should be turning over in his grave.

Maybe Doug was mocked by his prom date while wearing the famous blue smock during his cashier duties?

How can civil liberties be preserved while giving our government necessary tools to fight terrorism?

Yes, it’s the peaceful Muslims that are the terrorists. Not (edited out for inappropriate language), eight year olds.

I think Doug’s campaign manager should prep him on such questions a little better, and maybe take away the Mad Dog 20/20 in the brown paper bag and throw in a anger management class or five.

Of course the usual Democrat and Republican candidates have a long smattering of college degrees and accolades (which is good). And this may be an extreme example, but if US voters are supposed to look for alternatives to vote for, is Doug (in a rhetorical sense) really the answer?

Thanks for dropping by, now if I’m supposed to “rock the vote” are there realistically any choices? Reading stuff like this and the same "lower taxes!" "clean up the environment!" broken record that 99% of the candidates have on their TV commericials, really doesn't give someone like myself who is a political greenhorn any reason to choose one or the other. I believe there's many more people like myself, then those who could name all 100 US Senators by political party and state.

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