Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Zombies From the Internets

Was the real message from congress on the online gambling ban: “we don’t wanna play nicely with the rest of the world”?

Plot thickens.

I discussed a topic last night with one self-proclaimed shy female geek (but she loves the camera and we love her in front of it!) that has us both longing for a couch potato-y weekend. For the past month or so I have been forced to attend various social functions that included card playing, full viewing of breastal tissue on women, shouting “BOOOOOOOOM HEADSHOT” at total strangers, and an amount of alcohol that was the norm back in the days of Management 101, followed by a nap in the student union during Freshman Composition (can’t you tell?).

Forced. Its torture!

Ah, the days of heading back to the guy’s townhouse after long day of pretending to be a college student, playing co-ed volleyball, busting out a game or four of euchre, and knocking back whatever booze that was scattered across the beaten refrigerator. This was a cycle that lasted almost every weekend and occasionally during the week.

Which brings us to today. Mr. Responsible Parent. Mr. Nine-to-Five. Mr. Can’t-Keep-His-Levis-Up.

While I’m always up for a good time, my body is beginning to reenact the Boston Tea Party after all these weekend get-togethers. The sluggish cold-like symptoms, the falling asleep while playing poker tourneys, the calling your wife by the wrong name during sex (honestly I wouldn’t have any motor skills left to type if that happened), its getting rough on this “old” guy. Throw in a toddler having a nighttime accident once in a while, and a baby demanding nourishment during the single digit hours of the morning before work and you’ve got someone who saunters through the day hoping no one will ask a question that requires more then one brain cell to fire.

This weekend isn’t going to be easier, as my good friend is on leave from his tour in Iraq this week and a house party on Friday combined with a golf/poker night on Sunday will give him maximum time to catch up with the guys.

Come Monday morning, I’ll be clinging to a robotic work day and hope the kids don’t decide it’s “let’s piss off the parents because we can” night. Honestly, I enjoy reading Wyatt his “Little Monsters Go To School” book and staring at the glow-in-the-dark sticker stars and planets (minus Pluto) until they fade enough to wish him pleasant dreams and exit quietly as possible. If you played the Wheatie with me last night, that’s what I was doing while gone for most of the first hour.

If you wonder why you don’t read here about wonderful finishes in MTTs and spectacular cash game results, I just don’t have the energy right now to play (nor am I beyond a barely profitable player). The third dose of adrenaline came over me while pondering a river check-raise or fold for the past two years isn’t there anymore. Granted I still love the game to death, and learn something new every time I play, but the day isn’t long enough to sustain my previous lust for poker. The honeymoon period is over, and now we’re just working out the rules for our relationship. No playing while the kids are up (notable exceptions are made), no playing while tired (sometimes I still fall asleep though), and no capping the river in Stud when the other guy is obviously betting a higher flush then yours.

I believe I finished 15th last night despite dishing out a bad beat early (sorry Mike, but at least the Tigers won!!) on a push with the Filmaff (KJo) when I had to leave to play Daddy Drizz and an hour later eventually tried to steal with T9sOOted running into the monster A6o that flopped a boat. Can you tell I’m going pro next month?

Thanks for dropping by, now that North Korea has decided to shake their military dick at the world (mostly the U.S. of course) while taunting with supposed nuclear weapons, are you prepared for a world of post-nuclear zombies? Or will certain bloggers save us all with their superior Dead Rising skillz?

Edit: Mookie Mookie Moooooooooookie tonight at Full Tilt 9pm CST. I may break my no-caffeine rule if the kids are in bed for this tourney.

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