Monday, October 16, 2006


The Vikings lost another close one yesterday 17-16 due to their defense only scoring two touchdowns and a safety. Brad Johnson managed to throw some completed passes but couldn’t broach the opponent’s 35 yard line. Chester Taylor ran for 87 yards on 32 carries and Troy Williamson almost caught a 65 yard bomb after beating his defender by 15 yards but managed to look like he trying to haul in a slab of melted butter.

Coach Childress quoted (fictionally) “you could write the same lines about every game we’ve played this year even if we didn’t play!”

You couldn’t be more right coach.

Its tough being a fan of a ballclub that you see potential in, but they don’t seem to put 2+2 together on any given weekend or Monday. But, I’ll be wearing my Helga hat for the 17 weeks of the season even if the Vikes manage to resurrect the ghost of Les Steckel.


Anyone see the two big guarantee tourneys on Stars and Full Tilt yesterday?


Still rolling, but for how long? I got a phone call about a hand-free bonus promotion for “VIP” players at Absolute. Normally I’d pull the trigger and give them enough play to sedate their raking wishes and pull the money back. But, the fallout of this new law has me gun shy on any sites not backed by the Royal Bank of Scotland or people with funny avatars. Maybe after a few months the stress tics will go away once the government decides on what kind of restrictions they will place upon online poker and the players know exactly what they need to do to get their online Pot Limit Omaha fix.

Wait and see is still working.

This is short and sweet today because frankly my head feels like I just got dragged down by my hair while running full speed. Looks like you got your wish Troy. Ow.

So, I’ll announce right now that I am working with a female right now to ensure departure to the city of sin on my birthday in Decemeber. Monetary funds are the big question mark as the flow of poker dollars has slowed to a crawl recently. Also, the female wishes not to see her boy toy run around at all hours of the day and night with fellow degenerates doing degenerate activities. Of course, I’m carving out time for the MGM mixed game and WPBT tourney but in respect to marital bliss and the fact that we rarely get two seconds together that don’t include the words “diaper” “Candy Land” “potty now!” or “time out” I will be spending the majority of the time in Vegas with her.

But of course leave my birthday late night open for those who wish to see a skinny Minnesotan get hammered while sitting behind five feet of blue one dollar chips while playing Triple Draw and of course shouting SKOL! about 5 million times while cheering on my Vikes at Mandalay Bay on Sunday morning.

Thanks for dropping by, now head on over to April’s site for continuing details for the WPBT Winter Classic. Do we need to take prop bets now on what Speaker will be wearing due to his A’s getting in the way of the Tigers’ express trip to the World Series?

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