Friday, October 13, 2006

The Beginning

For those with PartyPoker accounts and Monster Freeroll tickets, you are able to cash them in based on the type of ticket you have earned.

I'll report back once I've heard about mini and regular Steps tickets.


Dear Drizztdj,
Any unused freerolls you might have had when the Act was signed into law have been converted into cash equivalent amounts. If you had any unused tournament freerolls, you can log in to your PartyAccount and convert them into cash.
For more information please follow the link mentioned below:
(link removed go to the PartyPoker page to find it)

NOTE: Your Account username and password are confidential information. No one from the company will ever ask for your password in a phone call or email. Do not respond to any requests that ask for your password.
PartyPoker Customer Care

The link worked very easily, and I got the full amount (IN PLAY CHIPS) equivilent to my ticket's value. This "found" money may sway me to attend the WPBT event in December if I can find enough for the wifey as well.

And if you're a player at Paradise Poker... you'll be blocked from logging on today.

But you're still allowed to play in the casino!!

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