Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't Worry, Be Happy?

I’m still at a loss here. Nevermind the buy-in I dumped while playing HORSE at Stars yesterday. I’m speaking of a mental loss, of which I don’t have many left until my mouse sized brain becomes a page in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There’s emails, posts, letters, and IMs floating around with different opinions and interpretations of the new law against online gambling. Things like Lee Jones popping in on my $3/$6 limit game yesterday to reassure my funds were safe, and replying to my email only three hours later.

That’s class folks. And didn't sound like the voice of desparation either.

But, in my email I went another route. I’m sure all the ball cap kids, and WPT fanbois were peppering the fine folks at PokerStars and Full Tilt with emails about their hardly earned funds. “How cuz I paid for college thru stacking donks off they’re sets w/o pker?” were likely type questions plus or minus a few grammar and spelling mistakes from these academic all-stars and future fry guy #2 at the nearest McDonald's.

My email inquired the fact that I wasn’t concerned (entirely) with my relatively meager bankroll at PokerStars, it broached the fact that I’m more concerned about being a fugitive vs. possible loss of internet play money. I know many other writers have little drooling babies, irritable but funny toddlers, and daddy-daddy-I-HAVE-to-have-this-for-school-everyone-has-one tweens and teens.

Are you concerned for them enough to quit?

It racks my brain as I play, not concerned about 3-betting with Jacks, but rather do I need to be concerned about this family value jihad legislation potentially effecting the number of family members that get their mail at my current address.

Or maybe I just need to pour myself a couple Cap’n Cokes, drop my drawers, and chill the fuck out?

It’s a trying time for poker enthusiast such as the people who read here. Whether you actively or passively write about this game (like me), I’d like to gauge your reactions beyond what I’ve read.

So far I’ve heard everything from mass cash outs, to 60s style sit-ins, to online poker Armageddon. I’m not much of a leader since my involvement with poker is giving out a few misplaced metaphors and misplaced bets (well maybe more then a few). But, I do have a voice and I’ll continue to voice my opinion on the subject right or wrong.

Thanks for dropping by, now I’m off to REI for free muffins and water bottles with the kids.

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