Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Am What I Am

To the whinny ball cap kid at the O8 tables last night...

I am a donkey

I am sarcastic when mentioning "poker skills", but I do rock at bankroll management (except of course for my penny slots and foolsball betting fetishes)

I am a chaser when pot odds say so

I am not a nut peddler anymore (don't tell anyone)

I am not "a lady" but my avatar is rather hot

I am an idiot (you at least got that part right)

And next time you feel the need to whine for five minutes straight at least type your air on the table that I "sucked out" at so the whole table will call me down when I hold a nut-nut hand.

Thank you sir for the table image!

Since work is being so kind in keeping me busy, I'll be back tomorrow with some photos of cute kids and maybe a remark or four about returning to the tables after not playing much over the last few months.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you were sitting down for breakfast and suddenly became engrossed with whatever shinny popped up on the screen (Girls Gone Wild: 2 videos for $9.99!!!!) and your cat/dog/rat (for Scurvy) was drinking your milk.

Would you:

a) Just let them continue drinking and get a new glass

b) Just take it away and drink it yourself

c) Throw the animal across the room then shout loudly like Fluffy just stacked you with two pair while holding 93o vs. your aces.

d) Cat on a stick served with a mango salsa

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