Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Feels Like Warm Apple Pie

Who do you think was more comfortable last night?

Me – laying back with a fluffy pillow, flannel PJs since its getting a little nippy outside, cold bottle of Guinness, managed to cash in a few SnGs and make a little in the cash games, and chat with a few good imaginary internet friends.

Tom Brady – set up in the pocket with enough time to twist one off to BigTitHotCelebSexFiends.com, grill a decent marinated steak with a loaded baked potato and some baked beans, and make plans to meet up with Stephen Jackson and Fred Smoot at Dream Girls/Déjà Vu’/Sexworld after he’s done throwing to receivers wider open then Paris Hilton’s legs at 3am after night of partying at Tao/Pure/(Insert any Vegas nightclub here).

This is a plead to all major media outlets covering the Vikes, and I’ve repeated this several times… it’s the RUN defense that is lockdown not the total defense. The pass defense resembles a bunch of “name” players allowing receivers and quarterbacks to set up a lawn chair, lather up the sunblock, and lounge around till they have a nice golden tan. Yes, they hit hard, after a first down is achieved. Yes they cause turnovers and score touchdowns, but with a Marty-ball type offense giving up anything over 20 points will be automatic loss. Having no coverage within five yards of primary receivers is a serious lapse in game plan, you have the talent please use it.

Of course it didn’t help that Brad Johnson resembled the 2006 version of Culpepper and Chester Taylor crawled into a hole and never came out like he did last week. Kudos go out to StarTrib columnist Patrick Reusse for not blasting the Vikes this morning after pointing out the good things about this team yesterday. He’s one of the few sports writers who are not swayed easily by a win or loss but can be counted on for some solid points positive or negative towards any Minnesota sport.

The Pats played the exact game they needed to (yes I’m feeding the oversized ego of Belichick) and exposed a Jenna Jamison sized hole in their game that will hopefully be patched up before a rather soft four game stretch that should propel them into the playoffs if they sweep the November games. I bleed Purple whether they win or lose but this team has the potential to win a serious block of games unlike recent pass, I hope the chance isn’t wasted.

Obligatory poker content for Waffles:

Bodog Omaha players resemble zombies from Dawn of the Dead as they spam their call button regardless of the four card combination displayed on the screen. Maybe I should stop hitting up teaser bets on home underdogs and draw for scoops and wheels instead. It is boring poker however as basically its sit-and-wait, maximizing the profit isn’t tough since you’ll get called down by third pair with no low. The trick is bet just the right amount on each street so it doesn’t seem like you’re value betting and wake the undead from his slumber to find his fold button that’s located on the left. My problem will be patience as blocking bets and nut-flush card bluffs will not phase the lower limit players (I need to rebuild since some people thought it would be great to meet up at a bar in Philly and sling some cards at the MGM Grand next month).

To the SnG genius last night… yes you were behind, stop betting with top pair, stop "walking in" on your sister taking a shower, and no I didn't get "lucky" I just didn't get unlucky.

pokenum -o8 9s jd qs th - ks 7s 7d 2h -- kh 8h ts
Omaha Hi/Low 8-or-better: 820 enumerated boards containing Ts Kh 8h cards

scoop HIwin HIlos HItie LOwin LOlos LOtie EV
Qs 9s Jd Th 453 513 307 0 0 0 0 0.589
Ks 7s 7d 2h 307 307 513 0 160 0 0 0.411

Thanks for dropping by, now to our friend Bill Frist, and the rest of the “family values” rightwingnuts that allowed the sale of online lottery tickets clear passage… here’s a 911 call I think you should hear.

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