Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Prop Bets On When Will Be Launched?

Score another one for the “I’m not to blame for my own actions”.

The excuse 40 years ago should have been dealt with at the time, not after playing hide the salami over the internet and potentially screwing up a high school student, man up and take responsibility. People respect that, deference doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t blame Felicia for the night‘s 15BB loss at the O8 tables just because she’s helped me with my game and got me to love all poker variations. I clicked on the bet button, I clicked to fold, and I was stupid enough to try to push a calling station off his hand when I was 100% sure as to what he had (people still can’t lay down aces regardless of the board). I certainly wouldn’t even have a bankroll if it wasn’t for people like her (GROUP HUG!). The psychological portion of poker would have chewed me up at the speed of a drunk downing a Grand Slam special at Denny’s after last call.

Today, I was conflicted about where I want to go with poker. The Fall Classic is going on at Canterbury and today is the one event I felt was +EV for myself. But, the duties of the 9 to 5’er take precedence over three betting a wrap wheel and flush draw. I’ll chalk it up as “would have been fun”, but not going to jump onto a stingray because I’ll be auditing numbers instead of figuring out pot odds.

Maybe I'll splurge on a higher stakes (for me) tourney online.

Thanks for dropping by, now with the closing of Paradise Poker I have sadly cashed out my play money chips from the sportsbook attached to the ancient online card room. I guess I’ll have to give some unibrowed thug bookie named Bruno my action now since congress believes that placing four team parlay bets is much safer in the mob’s hands. Why aren’t the Nevada sportsbooks trying to get regulation to take bets via the internet? Maybe it would help pay for those $40+ million sportsbook renovations I’ve seen at many casinos and get some more out-of-state players to their casinos via rewards programs.

Badblood spelled out the idea, and I can assure you that I’d make an extra trip to Vegas if I received some discounts due to my play at Harrah’s/MGM’s fictional online casino/card room or could use my online play chips directly at the casino.

Logic seems to be a precious commodity that’s in short supply among the government and gaming community. The big gaming companies already send out mass emails over the tubes declaring specials at their casinos… but to most of these people who receive the emails can’t go and play whenever they want. Wow! Slot tourney at Imperial Palace on this Friday?? I’ll be right there!!

Sigh. Maybe if it was I could make it...

Better act quickly Harrah’s and MGM, because the first company to have a successful regulated online launch will leave the other’s scrambling to keep up.

Edit: New video from APCW!!!!

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