Monday, October 02, 2006

Highs and Lows

This has me in a bad mood. (From Otis)

This site is the reason why I met all you luckboxes. (Kudos to my new sponsor for this scoop)

This had me in a good mood.

I wish I had a mood for this.

I'm not sure if a chicken-running-with-its-head-cut-off analogy is correct for what's taken place over the weekend. But, I'm baffled on what the hell I'm supposed to do right now about this little hobby of mine and about 15 million other Americans.

This is similar to my accident at work several years ago. For the past almost six years now, I have not been able to drive. A personal freedom that I enjoyed was taken away indefinitely. Because of a bunch of "family values" zealots my one hobby is being threatened (or may be gone already, I'm VERY inept about politics and law). Online poker brought me a little financial freedom due to my ability to read a couple of books and get lucky once in a while.

Personally was never a time of nirvana in which this hobby would become my FICA paying source of income. But, I never thought that someone would mix playing Jacks in middle position versus a bunch of Swedish meth heads with plane-crashing terrorist?

More 2+2 chickens-with-heads-cut-off insanity.

Anyone want to shuttle my handicapable ass to Canterbury around 9pm and get me back home by 10:30-11pm so I can play poker? Thank you Mr. Frist, your knowledge of the inner workings of this thing we call government is about to take away a personal freedom that many of us enjoy because of Ted Steven's tubes.

An open question to Mr. Frist:

Why was this issue so important that you had to "work-around" to get it approved? Do you really think by taking away personal liberties its going to help you become President?

Just a thought from an under educated, handicapped parent.

Edit: Here's a great quote: “Gambling is a serious addiction that undermines the family, dashes dreams and frays the fabric of society,” Dr Frist said. “The bottom line is simple: internet gambling is illegal. Although we can’t monitor every online gambler or regulate offshore gambling, we can police the financial institutions that disregard our laws.”

Sorry Billy, not buying this morally right crap.

Thanks for dropping by, now April's education and ability to speak to people who just know two of the three wings of the government will be able to shine a brighter light on the subject.

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