Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big Ginger Delights


Much more cute then listening to my seemingly endless droning about bad cards coming out.
Thanks to Rama and my brother for a great night in mists of downtown Minneapolis. The Local was packed to the gills but thanks to my brother and some VIP seating above the joint with Cities97, I was able to enjoy some great bar grub (a tad on the pricey side) and a couple of Big Gingers without getting slobbered on by some Hurley from "Lost" looking wanna-be Irish douchebag with a "Fuck me I'm Irish" shirt and topped off with crocheted Erin Go Braugh doily on his head.
Then with my expert downtown navagation system complete with text messages to Rama and asking for directions from the hottest girls in the line outside The Local, I made way to Rock Bottom Brewery for much cheaper bar fare at a very nice locale. The micro-brewed stout was top notch, and with a chatty barkeep that had just the right amount of gab, made for a pleasant evening. Note to self: Make money at Gentile Summit playing Rama at bar video games.
I tried Pauly's suggestion of upping my positive karma by sliding a homeless woman a dollar on the way back to my car, but was greeted by yet another beat no more then 10 minutes after I fired up a couple of tables to check on who was still left in The Hoy. Variance, please end soon, while I enjoy the wake up call that my "game" is not all that plus a bag of chips, the dark cloud is starting to leak into family/work life and once that happens I'll make the surest bet of all.
Not playing at all.
But, I will be firing up the Bodoggie (8:05CST at Bodoglife.com) and BBT3 Event Blogger Skillz Game (8:30CST at Full Tilt) tonight because I'm a lemur and most of all, I'd like to return to the WSOP this year.

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