Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Looking Past Spring Training

Rather then focus on another crappy exit from a poker tournament, how about some football?

Timberwolves have become Boston Celtic's West with about half the team formerly donning the green and white that stood for futility in recent years until the Big Ticket cashed in his Mall of America monorail pass for Beantown. A different Minnesota sports team, my beloved Vikes, decide that they would like to stock up on ex-Chicago Bears wide receivers. Some how they let Mushin Muhammad scurry back to the Panthers, but managed to snag someone who might be the final puzzle piece the Vikes need to make Brett Farve go back to slamming Jim Beam and Vicodin.

Going from one team with a bad quarterback to another isn’t going to help Bernard Berrian, but at least the Vikes front office is showing signs that they want to win despite a crappy stadium that won’t be upgraded for awhile due to the bridge repair plus the Twinkies new place that will hopefully have Liriano throwing the first 97mph heater in 2010.

Solid defense (when Winfield is healthy) and solid running game (when Purple Jesus is not giving sight to the blind and feeding the hungry with loaves and fishes) was just missing any sort of passing attack last season. Now the Vikes have two legit deep ball threats (Sidney Rice doesn’t suck), and a rushing tandem that is only matched by the Cowboy’s one-two punch of Barber and Jones. It’s all on Jackson to get the ball to this hefty 4th-highest paid receiver price tag and spare my TV from getting pelted by stress balls from online poker rooms every fall/winter Sunday.

In other news, poker still sucks. But the BBT3 doesn’t suck, so make sure you’re there tonight at the Blogger Skillz game for the next installment.

Edit: Farve retires? Heard it on the radio via a Jay Glazer report... anyone confirm this?

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