Monday, March 03, 2008

Just Get It Over With

I calmed my chi. Centered. I was a feather floating upon an unrippled lake.

I wouldn't have minded going out of the first Battle of the Blogger Tournaments version Drei last night had the board just ran out with the better hand winning in normal fashion. But, to flop me the nut straight and have near perfect-perfect come out and lose to a higher straight just topped off the worst weekend I've had bankroll-wise since I started playing four years ago.

Poker rant come and gone, not worth it because there's 54 more tournaments in this beast and I'll need all the patience I have left despite my daughter's new trick of ripping off her PJ's and pissing in her bed after going down for a nap/sleep at night. Anyone sell Dora the Explorer bedding sets in bulk?

Hoy is tonight. My participation will hinge on the temperature of my green chai tea and if one Transformers story is enough to send the little ones off, so daddy can blow their college funds on two outers.

Edit (inside to a few degenerates): Who won the horse race? I see two of my horses finished pretty high...

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